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Introducing Solliner, an electric boat powered by the sun's energy. Solliner is a day boat for everyone who wants to enjoy a perfect day on the water with family, friends or business partners. She combines fresh design, high-end materials, and the newest eco-friendly technologies. This boat is environmentally safe, practically maintenance free, reliable, and inexpensive and easy to operate.

The Bimini hardtop is fitted with four solar panels each with a power output of 282-W each. This configuration enables navigation without needing any outside energy source. On sunny days you can navigate the boat using 100% sunlight energy. On cloudier days, four marine rated and advanced technology AGM 254-Ah batteries will supply enough power to navigate up to 18-hours without charging. Information about the current amount of energy stored is visible in the FAQ section.

This 21-foot boat can comfortably accommodate up to ten people. Guests can rest on a spacious U-shaped sofa or on the sun deck without listening to the roar of the engine and breathing in exhaust fumes. Two built in large coolers, for supplies, and a table in the middle of the cockpit give opportunities to relax and enjoy time on the boat.

For more pictures and videos please check out

Blue SOLLINER - San Diego, CA


Equipment Details

This Solliner is equipped with the following features:

4-kW engine with appropriate batteries and charger

Electric engine lift system

Electric horn

Blue metallic iridescent hull color

Extra LED lighting in the cockpit, engine compartment, between hull in the front

Five pairs of lights

Water proof radio with Bluetooth and two waterproof speakers

Raymarine i40 sonar

Radar reflector (folding)

2 fishing pole holders

Folding SS ladder

Boat cover

Forward LED reflector

Extra table to mount in fishing rod holder

Plus more...

White Solliner - Newport Beach, Ca


Solliner with black and white details

Equipped the same as the Blue Solliner except there is no color on the hull sides and it has a 2-kW engine with four AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries.

Beautiful and simple contrasting color scheme.


Please click DOWNLOAD to see the new catalog of this electric boat.

2018-09-25_katalog_solliner (pdf)


Infinity Solar Boats - authorized dealer for solliner

Elegant black version

Black SOLLINER in Gdansk, Poland where I was lucky to see it for the first time in 2015

I discovered Solliner boats in 2015 while vacationing in the city of Gdańsk, Poland.  Sailing by were three decent sized boats with good speed and no noise. Looing closer, I noticed the boats were electric powered by solar panels.

Driving this boat is eeeeasssy


September 2018, I visited Poland again to purchase a few of the most unique boats to bring to the US. I was fortunate to have several summer-like days and able to drive three different Solliners. It was easy, relaxing, smooth, fast (up to 12 km/h ), quiet and had no exhaust fumes - just the smell of fresh air.  I loved it!

Solliner ran 3000-km without shore charging in Poland


 Solliner boats have a high grade marine electric engines powered by four AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), marine batteries, 254-Ah each. AGM batteries are the most advanced batteries, truly the best of the best. AGM batteries provide 3X longer life span at max power. 

It provides essentially unlimited travel distance since it is constantly charged by 1120-W solar panels.

More about Solliner

How to order Solliner


The standard version of Solliner on the trailer costs $59,990 delivered. To order a Solliner you need to put a 50% down payment and once received these funds allow us to start production. The remaining balance is due on delivery. There are discounted prices for orders of multiple boats. Pricing to be negotiated.

Where can you see Solliner


I hope to present the model Solliner to interested mariners in California during the middle of March 2019, in California. The model Blue Solliner is at the Seaforth Boat Rental in downtown San Diego, CA.  For questions and to reserve a tour call (888) 834-2628. The model White Solliner is at O.C. Boat Rental (3335 Coast Hwy Newport Beach, CA). They can be reached at (949) 929-6289.



YouTube and Facebook videos and testimonials, from mostly European boat owners and users, can be found by searching ‘Solliner’.  There is an excellent 2016 university presentation by Green Dream Boats representative Bartlomiej Zientek, click here
 Facebook page is here

Current deals


We will showcase two boats at the Newport Beach, CA Boat Show on Apr. 25-28th, 2019. The price just decreased due to recent cost savings in the manufacturing process.



Solliner comes with a 2-year warranty on mechanical and electric parts (1-year for commercial use) and a 5-year warranty on the structural integrity of the boat. 



Distance with solar charging is unlimited when operating with less than 60% of the engine power.

No solar charging: 2 hours at full speed 7 nm/h

No solar charging: 8-10 hours at 4 nm/h

No solar charging: 18 hours at 2 nm/h

(*nm = nautical mile)


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